Managing your self storage facility should be easy. Unit Trac is a web based self storage management solution for owner operators. We have features only seen in desktop "installed" software, at a fraction of the price.

  • Lease Management - Who's where? How much do they owe?
  • Integrated Credit Card Processing - Recurring or one-time charges.
  • Interactive Facility Map - Multiple color overlays. Just tap or click on a unit to learn more.
  • Business Accounting - Facility stats and revenue forecasting.
  • Any Device - Windows, Mac, Android. PC, Tablet, Phone. Unit Trac works perfectly on any device.
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In addition to tracking checks and cash payments, Unit Trac includes a fully-featured credit card processing system.

Credit Card Processing

Whether it's a one-time charge or a recurring charge, Unit Trac can help. Simply set up a charge schedule and let Unit Trac record the payment so you always know where your money is. Unit Trac shows you upcoming charges, charges that failed, and transfers to your bank account.

Payment Security

No-hassle security & compliance. Unit Trac provides security and compliance without the headaches of dealing with it yourself. Meet regulatory (PCI Compliance) requirements for your payments just by processing credit cards using Unit Trac.

Proven Fraud Protection

Unit Trac actively works to protect your business from fraudulent charges. You'll be notified the moment a suspicious transaction occurs.

Transparent Charging

With special pages dedicated to letting you see all upcoming charges, you'll never wonder if a card was charged. When charging a card is successful, lease documentation is automatically kept up to date.
No double entry!

Kick the Tires

Our demo is a pre-built account just for you to play with, not some power point or video. You don't have to talk to a sales person to take Unit Trac for a spin. So give it a try - we want to make sure Unit Trac right for you.

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Lease Information
Unit: 209 (10'x20')
Start Date: 6/1/2020
End Date: N/A
Deposit: $30.00
Rate: $75.00
Paid Through: 9/30/2020
Locked Out:
Credit Card
****-****-****-4254 (exp. 04/2021)
Auto-charge: Enabled
Next Run: 10/1/2020


Custom Facility Map for Your Facility

Greater Efficiency

You spend a lot of time cruising around your mini-storage facility, checking on the cleanliness of empty units, double-locking tardy renters, and showing units to potential new customers. Put an end to jotting down unit numbers and trying to remember which one needs what action.

Pinpoint Knowledge

Our interactive site map makes it easy to see the status of each unit: available or rented, locked out or not, and payment status. Click or tap on unit numbers for more detailed information, like who rents that unit and its specific financial data.

  • Have a current customer that wants another unit near the first one? Visually find the nearest one fast.
  • Move more efficiently around your facility to save time.
  • A customer requests a unit that features extra driveway space. See which one suits them best.
  • A potential tenant wants to see several different unit sizes. Avoid walking all over creation to satisfy their curiosity.
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In your office, on the road, or at your facility...Unit Trac allows you to serve customers quickly and professionally.

Unit Trac was designed for...

Any Device
Any OS
Any Browser
Works on all devices.
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Make better business decisions with real-time financial information.

Financial Understanding

Financials are the lifeblood of your business and the reason you own it. Keep close tabs in real time with our financial screens, which are updated the moment you enter payment and contract information.

Revenue Projections

Unit Trac knows which tenants are paid ahead, which ones are due for a rent payment, and which ones are hopelessly behind. Revenue projections take all this into account to give you a realistic revenue projection.

Take the mysery out of your revenue stream.
  • What's your revenue for the year? How about this month?
  • Is your self storage facility in good financial health?
  • Is there a long-term trend forming? Should you put up a new building? Charge more?
Unit Trac
  • See your revenue stream like you've always wanted to.
  • Make better strategic business decisions. See long-term trends.
  • Smart projections. Configure projections to exclude revenue from tenants who are way behind.
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Email. Phone. Web. Unit Trac keeps you connected to your customers.


Email your tenants right from Unit Trac. With one click you can include an invoice, receipt, and signed contracts.


Contact your tenants with the tap of a finger. Simply point to the person you'd like to call.


Need to generate a little business? Maps integration helps you see where your customers live, so you know where to send a flyer for best results.

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Online documentation. Stored in the cloud.
It's like having your file cabinet with you at all times.

Paperless. Your Way.

Unit Trac is designed to minimize your need for paper as far as you wish to go. Each lease offers online document storage so the information travels with you via your electronic device.

Document Attachment

Attach a scan of a signed contract, ACH authorization, images of damage or debris left in the unit, and written communication from your'll never need hard copies. Access the information when you need it, and don't fuss with the hassle of physical document storage.

Any Document. Any Device.

Upload photos from your phone. Send invoices from your tablet. View a contract from your PC. We knew that you couldn't go paperless unless you could get to your documents from anywhere. Unit Trac's invoice generation and document storage system is powerful and easy to use.

Printers Welcome

Going paperless doesn't mean you never need to print. Unit Trac generates PDF invoices and receipts for when you need a paper copy.


We're serious about your document storage. All documents are backed up on our servers. All servers are backed up across the continent... and this happens every night.

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Use your current domain or purchase a new one, then point it to our servers.

Unit Trac Integration

Your custom site will always be up-to-date. When you use Unit Trac to manage your self storage facility, your custom site automatically updates available unit counts, current pricing, and other information about your business. This means no maintenance on your end... the site just stays current!

Already Have a Website?

With a little help from a programmer, you can have the same integration with Unit Trac as the custom site provides. Tell your programmer we have a REST service to provide up to date information about your business - they'll know what this means.

Online Applications

It's 2020, so your customers expect to be able to start a lease application online. Your custom site includes a "reserve a unit" feature that integrates with Unit Trac and emails you when a customer is interested in renting a unit. Once notified, you can create their lease with just one click. Best of all, there is zero configuration...simply provide an email address and let your new custom site do the work.

See for Yourself

We've created a fictitous company to help you see the power of Unit Trac's custom website feature. Take a cruise around and see what you think.

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Allow your customers to pay, rent and manage their account online.

Integrate With Your Website

Enable your custom website to seamlessly provide real-time information about your facility to prospective customers and then allow your customers to do business with you online. It's another way to connect and help grow your business.

Customer Contact

  • Rent more by making it easier for customers to find your facility online and request or reserve a unit.
  • Control who has access to the customer portal and how far they can go into the application process - so that you run your business the way you want.
  • Stop chasing payments and allow your customers to pay and set-up automatic payments online.
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Streamline the leasing process.

Electronic Leases

With the eSignature lease application, you can track, execute and store leases electronically. Facility owners may prefer to have the personal touch when it comes to working new customers. The ability to capture an electronic signature on your lease agreement doesn't change that. Now you can offer your customers the ability to sign the lease at your facility, online or by email and track the progress. No need to print, scan and upload again.

  • Reduce printing, postage and document storage expenses.
  • Increase your rentals by making it easier to do business with your facility.
  • Peace of mind knowing that your lease agreement is secure and automatically filed with your customer information.
  • As with the rest of Unit Trac, eSignature works from any device (phone, tablet, computer).

Saves Time

Enter a customer's email address and they will take care of the rest.

  • Your customer will enter their name, address, phone, etc.
  • Securely enter their credit card and pay for their unit (and set up recurring payments).

Customized for Your Lease

Unit Trac's eSignature system lets you create a template of your lease. The same one you're used to using today.

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Your experience with Unit Trac is important to us.
We're here for you.

Dedicated Support

Need help? We're here for you. Unit Trac has an integrated help system so we can quickly address any issues you're having. We usually reply in under an hour.

Free Updates

We're continuously improving Unit Trac. When we enhance the service, you get the updates at no additional cost. If there's a feature you'd like to see us add, just let us know.

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