From signing up to sending invoices, here's how Unit Trac works.

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Tell us about you: who you are, your contact info, business name, etc.

Create Your Facility

With our custom facility builder, create a map of your facility and provide unit price and size details.

Customize Your Business

Set default late fees, required information fields for leases, standard security deposits, etc.

Enter Leases

Enter your current leases - and past, if you choose. Record past payments as far back as you'd like, or wait for the next payment.


We've streamlined lease management to save you time.

  • Start

    Enter tenant information and assign them to a unit. Pick a start date and add credit card info (if they are paying by credit card). If you'd like to go paperless, attach documents and/or photos.

  • View & Invoice

    View lease details quickly. See all lease data including, contact information, amount owed/over payment, late fees, payment history, documents. Email or print invoices with one click.

  • Record Payment

    Unit Trac's lease status is based on a paid through date. When recording a payment, the paid through date is computed. You can adjust this date to handle all the one-off situations.

  • End

    When your tenant moves out, end their lease to release the unit back to the list of rentable units.


From day-to-day information to business analysis, Unit Trac gives you all the information you need to run your business.

Unit Status

  • Open units.
  • Locked out.
  • Needing repair.
  • Reserved.
  • Good/Poor standing.


  • Contact info.
  • Map integration.
  • Customer notes.

Lease Info

  • Payment history.
  • Months paid ahead or late.
  • Current balance.
  • Deposit amount.


  • Monthly revenue.
  • Yearly revenue.
  • Tenant payment stats.
  • Revenue projections.
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