Add Credit Card Information to an Existing Lease

Created: 3/1/2015

To set up credit card processing for an existing customer:

1. Find and click on the lease to which you need to add credit card processing.

2. Click "Add" in the Credit Card box in the middle of the screen.

3. Fill in the credit card information requested.

4. If you would like this card to be automatically charged each month, check the box at the bottom of the pop-up box and select the day of the month that you would like the charge to run.

Charge Now + Set-Up Auto-charge for following month:
Charges run at 4:00 a.m. CST. If you need to process a charge immediately + set-up the auto-charge, add the credit card by following the steps above to set the auto-charge for the following month. After that, go to Record Payment > Select 'Credit Card' for the payment method and then select 'Charge the card on file.' This will charge the customer for the current month and the auto-charge will be established for the following month on the date selected.  

If a customer has multiple units, do I need to enter the credit card on each lease?
No, we've made it easy on you to simply add the credit card information once and then add it as the paymen optiont for each lease. If a customer has multiple units, you may add the credit card information by going to Customers and then selecting the customer. From there, you'll see the option add the 'Payment Option.'  From there, select on the unit # and click 'Add' in the credit card information section. You'll see the drop-down option to select the existing payment method that you would like associated with a lease.

If a customer has multiple units and would like to pay with multiple credit cards, it that possible?
Of course. For example, if a customer has a unit for personal and business use - they may want to provide different credit cards for each unit. Follow the steps above to add each credit card under the customer profile, and then associate the appropriate payment option to the respective unit.   



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